Why use a SiteSafe accredited company like Dr Flue

What is SiteSafe?

Site safe is a health and safety course all our contractors are required to take before they set foot on your property for chimney sweeping and repair work.

It is a Health and Safety course, which introducing participants in building construction topics such as keeping yourself safe, understanding and risk management as well as understanding the basic hazards and legal requirements in the workplace.

Carrying a site safe card allows access to construction sites around NZ. SiteSafe card holders get ongoing quality assurance, expert training and the course itself it industry moderated to insure the highest standard. It is also NZQA approved.

Why are some contractors very cheap, under $100?

There is a good chance that these contractors are not SiteSafe certified. While this may appear to be a bargain in the short term, it can be very costly for the client if something goes wrong.

The resident of the property could be held liable for injuries incurred by the contractor as they work on your home. Using a SiteSafe accredited contractor eliminates this legal requirement.

Peace of mind of the home owner

Using a SiteSafe accredited contractor will give peace of mind to the home resident that the contractor working will be able to judge and manage the risk to themselves and those around them. This ensure a speedy job.

Dr Flue is fully insured



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