Dr Flue Covid-19 Update

Covid 19 Dr Flue Update

As everyone knows New Zealand has moved to a Level 4 alert which means the country must shut down with the exclusion of essential businesses. This means we have had to send all staff home. So what does this mean for you our valuable customers?

For customers who have already booked

If you ave already booked do not panic! We have your booking in our system and are queuing them up to be done as soon as we come out of lockdown, your booking will not be canceled and no extra fees of any sort will be added. We highly suggest keeping the booking open as those who have missed a booking due to the lockdown will remain at the top of our list to be completed first. If you are to cancel we can not guarantee a booking when we return to work. We will be in touch as we get closer to coming out of lockdown.

For those wanting to book and secure a sweep date

Our booking system remains fully open with dates in the future that can be selected. Please feel free to make bookings and if in the likely hood the lockdown is extended we can reschedule in the future.

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