Compliance Inspection Process

It is an insurance requirement to have your Flue/Chimney inspected each year to ensure it is safe to use the fire. Many refer to it as a sweep, but the sweeping is only a small fraction of the job.

What you are paying for is an inspcetion simialr to gettting a Warrant for you car or a house insecption completed. This means whether you pass or fail there is still costs invloved and why no refund can be issued if it fails. We will however come back later and do a re-inspection for free once the repairs have been completed if required.

Once the technition arrives on site they will setup and start to carry out the inspection. They have an app that depnding on the fireplace type/style will give them a list of features the thechnition needs to check off ensuring they have inspected it correctly. Once complete you will be issued with a PDF report of the inseoction that can be used for insurance etc.


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